Thursday, July 31, 2008


A fellow sybermom recently wrote about an exercise video she was thinking of purchasing. It was only 10 dollars for the dvd, which has 3 workouts. I have Amazon Prime so 2 day shipping was free.

Its a 20 minute workout with no built in rest. It has circuits of cardio, abs and strength training. 3-2-1. The abs are 1 and the cardio is 3.

You wouldn't think it would be too bad. Its only 20 minutes.

Only 20 minutes of exercise, that is. I find the recovery time is about 2 hours. Its a little embarrassing to admit, but a solid hour later I can barely walk down the stairs. Up is fine. Down not so much.

In case any of you would also like to suffer with me, this masterpiece of sadism is called Jillian Something's 30 day Shred. She is the chick from the Biggest Loser show.

I'd stop doing it immediately except I want to see if she is lying to me (which I strongly suspect) when she says after 5 or 6 days I will have increased my endurance.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I guess the recipe for this is

1 part constant confusion
1 part overwhelming adoration
1 part self loathing
and finally,
3 parts abject humiliation at the hands of children who can not behave.

Im not an attention seeker. I don't understand what drives my oldest child to constantly seek to shock and annoy. Tonight's irritation brought to you courtesy of eleventy hundred mentions of R rated movies, the word "sucks", and episodes of burping while visiting at the home of a very catholic coworker of the husband's.

But what will really lay me low ever single time is when the good one is bad. After a week of day camp and a night of camping out it was probably eminently predictable that my easy going kid with the competitive nature wouldnt handle a night out til 9 and a kickball game. So why WHY didnt I predict it and make sure we left on a high note? Instead, we left after a kickball game with a irate 8 yo who had nearly decapitated his brother in a white hot rage.

In other irritating news, every time I sit down the cat expects me to play with him. He shows his desire for my company by gently biting my back fat. Or leg fat. Or arm fat. Whatever he can latch onto. Any area he picks is sure to be delicious. Like KFC only without the crunch.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I try to copy the embed stuff from youtube and you know what happens? it copies about 1/4 of the gobbledygook and then nothing!

LUKE, what should i try next?

poor Luke. He had no idea one silly comment would make me forever address all my technical issues to him.

Regardless, it wouldnt matter because the youtube video of the Free to Be skit (Boy Meets Girl) does not incude the whole skit from the CD (or, as I knew it as a child, the record.)

You will have to take my word for it. I hate them! squeak squeak squeak!

I am linking you to a blog

I know NOTHING about this blog other than that she has offered me the Holy Grail of Housecleaning- ie how to hack the swiffer!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

To Grandfather's House He Go(es)

My oldest son is with my Dad in the cornfields of Illinois this week. This is the first time the two of them have spent an extended time alone together. Big A will be there until Thursday when I drive to Terre Haute to fetch his sorry hide back home. He may be there a lot longer if the week turns out as peaceful as I plan. I kid! No really. I will go get him. I will. I WILL.

Anyway, the two of them unsupervised could possibly get into a hell of a lot of trouble. Neither likes to eat healthy food. I'm guessing the diet which I find more or less acceptable for Al- ie protein rich breakfast, carb lunch, and meat and a healthy starch for dinner, vitamin to sub for all fruits and veg- will be augmented with a) candy b) soda (Please Lord, make my child's teeth impervious to harm, I know You can do this, In Jesus name...Amen) and c) bacon.

Besides eating garbage and running amok, the two of them are going to be practicing a little riflery.

I am terrified of guns. I am! I am! I hate them, squeak squeak squeak! What? You say that's not the sound guns make? no? Oh alright. I know. Mice make that noise. Its a line from Free to Be You and Me. And if I knew how to embed video I'd do so here, because that skit is on youtube!

Anyway, so they are shooting guns into some poor farmer's cornfield. Or wheat field. It could even be soy beans. Whatever. All I know is the crop better watch out. Because Big A the mighty hunter is surely one heck of a shot. With no depth perception and vision in only one eye, he can still actually hit a target! Hope he enjoys it. Because we aren't having any of that gun crap here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Im really neither young nor hip.

Im going to HAVE TO find a new hairdresser.

I went to the salon yesterday with my kids in tow (and they were all good, so I took them for icecream afterward, which cost a bloody fortune) and Al had his iPod.

I casually mentioned he had the new REM album on there and both the girls were like WHO is THAT? I let them have a listen and one girls said, "What type of music is that?"

They had never heard of REM! I have never felt so old and irrelevant.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Officially 10 lbs Thinner!

Sadly, I'm not sure its terribly noticeable.

It went quickly though! I started losing those ten pounds about 43 days ago. The wii counts for you so its easy to see your progress. That is a pound every 4 days.

Here's hoping the next 10 go so fast. I might be well satisified with 10 more. But if I managed to lose 20 more i'd be about a perfect size 4. Not sure if that is a goal worth having at this point. Size 8 sounds ideal.

Monday, July 07, 2008


since I bought my core 5 materials on ebay.

Im going crazy.

Media mail will be the death of me. It said 2-9 days and its definitely looking more like 9 and less like 2, despite the box being just down the road in Plainfield, IN.

Im so impatient. I have become accustomed to (SPOILED by)'s 2 day free shipping thanks to my prime membership.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Me and Two

My oldest child and his father are off at Webelo Adventure Camp for 4 days and 3 nights of buggy fun! Its nice that the man takes time off to do these things with his boys. later this summer he is doing a week of day camp with the younger cub. Brenna gets the benefit of an experienced Dad and that is worth its weight in gold, if she doesnt get a full week of one on one as of yet.

In celebration of their absence (does that sound bad? oh dear. but that IS what I mean!) the two kids I have here and I are enjoying tailored to them fun.

So tomorrow we are doing some mini golf for Cal. And on Wednesday we are doing some pottery painting or mosaic making for Brenna. Both will be fun for me.

Got some bad news about a friend of the family today. The 50 lb tumour recently removed from her body was cancerous and had metastisized. Her outlook is grim and her will to fight is very weak. Please send up prayers for Cathy as she begins treatment for bone cancer.