Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Shopping- Thank You, Jesus (and Al Gore) for the Internets

Just when I decide I am done, I decide I am not done.

Like on Sunday when I decided my 2 year old daughter needed TMX Tickle Me Elmo.
Or yesterday when I decided my 9 year old needs Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

Only that middle child really has everything he NEEDs.

as if.

Needs, my hat.

Like anyone needs all the crap we all procure for our kids at Christmas time. WHY? WHY do I do this every year. Looking back at my own (reasonably happy) childhood, not one present on Christmas morning stands out among the others. Ok, not true. The Christmas I was 17 my parents gave me a Toyota corolla portfolio and eventually I did get a car to drive. That worked out well for all of us, as I was expected to take my brother to school and practices and etc from then on (which is as it should be. I am not complaining.)

But the kid presents? The MUST HAVE dolls and games and things? I dont really recall a single one.

So this Christmas, its all books and books on tape and that video for my herd, with one exception: weaponry. Because no boy's christmas dreams are complete unless he has something with which to shoot his eye out.* So. Nerf guns and marshmallow shooters for everyone. To minimize the risk of actual eye damage.

*My friend's 3 year old actually did lose his eye. He fell on a glass topped table. It was Not Fun for many many weeks. There is now a prosthetic eye. Imagine trusting your three year old with a very expensive oversized marble. Imagine how you would feel when you heard from the back seat "Uh Oh! I Lost it." Imagine your three year old taking his eye out at pre-school for the amusement of his friends. Oh yes. Parenting is beyond our wildest dreams, isnt it?