Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fern wishes I still blogged

That is so nice of her. I wish I still blogged too, occassionally, but it seems like a dangerous pastime. What if I say the wrong thing? My mother told me to never write anything you do not want the whole world to see.

Here's the low down on a year with no blogging.

1. got a puppy. a mutt. she is now 55-60 lbs. we feed her food that is not recommended by the dog food nazis. she doesnt even mind.

2. did SL core 5 only we didnt really do what they said because it was weird, yo. Who studies other cultures by reading about missionaries who basically attempt to obliterate a major facet of these cultures? We read a million books and watched a billion movies. See here:

3. were genetically and otherwise sound.

4. went to Niagara Falls. Went to Baseball Hall of Fame (ok, I didnt go to the Hall of Fame. The boys did. Bee and me went to a Farming Museum and had a girly lunch. )

5. continued to eschew capital letters and punctuation out of sheer laziness.

6. lost the neighbor I never thought I'd like when they moved to CA. miss them terribly. giant hole in life now.

Upcoming in 2010:
1. brother will be released from prison in May. very exciting for everyone who loves him. We know he can go on to become what he could have been before his poor choices ended him in prison.

2. Kalahari waterpark in february. Unschooler convention. Im not actually an unschooler. Pray for me.

3. indoor soccer and wrestling starting soon.

4. my other wonderful neighbor also moving to CA. I hate her. No, I love her. She and I laugh a lot together. I need that so badly.

5. starting SL core 6 on Jan 11 after one week of studing "prehistory" which is a sort of stupid name for it because its still history even if its before the other stuff, right?

ok fern. there you have it. a blog. a laugh riot, no?!

This is why I quit blogging I think: I even bore myself.