Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TWO things I must clear up

"Jesus had other brothers and sisters."

Oh Luke. Im so sorry... no. Tsk tsk.

I see you are laboring under the protestant delusion that Mary was a normal wife and mother. Dear me.

This isnt a point I even care about actually, but since im a catholic Im supposed to? I guess?

Anyway just to clear that up, no. Mary is ever virgin. Brothers and sisters are actually cousins. Its that convoluted old timey extended family family stuff.

And then, the next thing I feel like I must address is this:

Texting. For Fern.

I have never. Not Once. Ever. In my whole life. Texted.

I know. Its so lame of me. But I dont have that in my plan and Im not sure my phone (which doesnt even have a camera...so lame) can text.

But if I could text you, I would text MANY snarky things. 16 hours worth of snark. near constant snark. and it would ALL be hilarious and witty. Rest assured.

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Luke said...

Sarah, I can't tell if you're talking to me--did I write something about this somewhere recently? [smile]--but even if you aren't, I am "laboring under the protestant delusion." I've done a quick search, read what I can find, and see nothing particularly convincing in either the evidence or the real "need" for this "doctrine."

I would love to read more on the subject if you have anything [smile]. I'd rather not stay "delusional" the rest of my life if it can be helped. Some people--like me--however, sometimes are doomed to be ever wrong [smile].